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Gustav gas

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Corten Garden Fireplace - Gustav Gas | Planika                                


Gustav Gas impresses with its appearance at first glance. The inspiration for his look were the works of Gustav Klimt. Its original design is emphasized by its rusty finish. This gas fireplace will create an amazing atmosphere in any outdoor space, both private and commercial. It is ideal to become a charming decoration of the terrace, patio and garden.

The fireplace is fueled with LPG – it doesn’t need any gas or electricity connection what makes Gustav Gas fully portable. Thanks to the applied castors its location can easily be changed.

Corten Garden Fireplace - Gustav Gas | Planika                                                                                                   

Gustav Gas is made of Corten steel, with a characteristic, rusty coating, which is obtained under the influence of atmospheric factors. Thanks to its unique color and structure, this gas fireplace adds a remarkable aesthetic value to almost all architectural projects. Thanks to the simple yet elegant, eye-catching organic shape Gustav Gas adds a magnificent finishing touch, revives every outdoor area and illuminates every space it is situated in.

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