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Fire Line Automatic 2 Model E, eldstad inomhus

54 450 kr

FLA2 model E is a simple, yet smart and stylish way to provide natural fire in your interior.

This automatic and highly functional ribbon fireplace was the foundation of the Fire Line Automatic collection and it still takes an important place within our range of products. It offers functional solutions that create a charming atmosphere and brings real fire to any place.

This automatic and highly functional product sets the charming atmosphere of real fire in the room. It is a continuation of luxurious line of fireplaces, carefully prepared by the engineers of Planika. FLA2 model E is the simplest, yet smart and stylish way to obtain the endless line of fire. Customised to even the most unique concept, ribbon burner gives unlimited arrangement possibilities as it grasps the fire in the form of the endless line.

Comes in 2 different lengths. 990 mm and 1290 mm. The 1290 mm is at 58 988 kr while the 990 mm is 54 450 kr. 

H: 141 mm, L: 990, 1290 mm D: 255 mm. 

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