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Fire Line Automatic 2 in Casing E

65 038 kr

FLA2 model E in Casing is a convenient build in fireplace, being a perfect solutions to create a charming atmosphere with natural fire in any place at any time. Combined with Planika’s dedicated casing and lack of any hard connections, FLA2 model E can be easily installed in any interior.

Our innovative technological solutions ensure the cleanest and always beautiful fire, without smoke, smell or ash. The modern design of this build in fireplace will add a touch of elegance to all kind of indoor spaces.

This automatic and highly functional built in fireplace sets the charming atmosphere of real flames in the room. Either in the commercial area or in the comfort of one’s sofa, the fireplace is bound to utterly enhance the atmosphere of the place.

Comes in two different lengths. 990 and 1290 mm. The 990 mm starts at 65 038 kr and the 1290 at 71 088 kr. 

H: 531 mm, L: 990, 1290 mm, D: 313 mm. 

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